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We saw some of the best women empowerment ad films this Women’s Day along with a few that failed to make an impact. Women’s Day 2016 was dominated by TVCs that focused on breaking the stereotypes associated with women. However, we believe none of the ads were as compared to the ones we hand-picked from the past. Check out the collective sentiment analysis of each ad.


In a social experiment video, Amazon India intended to break the ties between women and shopping by proving their honest intentions behind the practise. The video featuring 3 women with Rs 5000 vouchers got 69% of viewers to ‘Like’ it. Amazon put up a great show!

Amazon India ad analysis


BIBA India’s #ChangeIsBeautiful has been one of the most viewed and re-viewed ad films in the recent past. Considering the sensitive issue of arranged marriages in India, this ad managed to get 36% viewers t o ‘Blow Kisses’ & 25% of them to ‘Like’ it. We’re sure the 5% ‘Fuck You’ were shared for the MIL for her nagging behaviour. None the less, BIBA did a fairly good job with this one.

BIBA ad analysis


#ShareTheLoad has got fans in Sheryl Sandcooper, COO Facebook and so many A Lister celebrities. For obvious reasons, this one had to be a part of the curated list at MadOnAds. With a total of 83% positive reviews i.e. 27% Blowing Kisses, 17% Salute and 39% Likes; #ShareTheLoad genuinely impresses us with the effort. Out of all the ads, only Ariel managed to get maximum views, which in itself is pretty big win!

graph 3


A video as great as Vatika’s Brave & Beautiful deserved all the love and appreciation. Must we say, a very decent of 80% viewers loved the ad film. But we cannot move past the 20% ‘Sleepy’ sentiments. We assume, this is because the video stretched a bit too long.

Vatika ad analysis


It came, it ignited a fire and it got Viral! For Anouk by Myntra, this campaign featuring 3 bold videos sure worked. In particular, ‘The Visit’ was critically acclaimed for addressing the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ issue and now you know why. We have the winner of the show, Myntra! Very closely beating Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad’s  83% positive sentiment with it’s 84%.

Myntra ad analysis

Our Take: While each ad stood out in it’s own genre of advertising, BIBA’s Change is Beautiful stood as our favourite. Each frame captivated us and we could feel the emotional rush throughout. The conceptualisation, casting and lighting deserve special mention.

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