Ads That Ooze Love: An Analysis

In the mad world of advertising, brands are constantly trying to break through the clutter with creative TVCs and short-films, but seldom do we see ads that manage to strike a chord with the consumers. Just like Diwali and New Year, Valentine’s Day is the time when the Ad World is painted in reds, pinks and hearts. From mushy to overtly mushy ads, brands leave no stone unturned in setting the Valentine mood right. As an extension to our last blog, we present to you what the viewers emoted out on the best cum mushiest Valentine’s Day ads.

KFC Love is Forever
Love is forever by KFC emerged as a crowd-puller as it managed to please 73% of our audience. Out of these, 40% were captured ‘Blowing Kisses’ at the ad. 7% of them were left startled just by the VFX effects. Much to our delight, it aced the Valentine’s Day acid test because only 1% of the audience clicked on the ‘Fuck You’ emoticon. 34th second was rated as the peak point of the ad.


MTV India
The message of love in Haryanvi left people surprised and sleepy! That is MTV India’s TVC for you!


Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury Dairy Milk has been known for coming up with the cutest and mushiest of advertisements. With 50% ‘Salute’ and 50% ‘Like’, this ad wins the race!


Schwarzkopf Declaration of Love
The 2 minute film featuring the gorgeous Kim Edlebergtch has wooed 40% of viewers who were bowled over by it and blew kisses.


Vodafone Red The Kiss
From ‘Blowing Kisses’ to ‘sleepy’ to ‘Fuck You’, this ad evoked a whole lot of emotions and how!


The ‘Season of Love’ is officially over for now and we know what got our users ‘Blowing Kisses’ and what irritated them to give out ‘Fuck You’.
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