When Smartphones Declare War!

Cricket season in India has become synonymous to a gala marketing festival. Brands across the industries release their finest products and advertisements during this time. T20 World Cup and the Indian Premier League (IPL) are the most Favourite  slots for brands that wish to grab maximum eyeballs.

This time around, the global smartphone brands have been actively advertising and leveraging the on going cricket fever in the country. With OPPO being the key player during ICC T20 World Cup and Vivo now picking up their game with IPL, Micromax and Gionee haven’t been passive listeners either.

Here’s a quick review of the ‘much talked about’ adsin the recent past.

Vivo #FasterThanFaster
The lethal combination of the faster than faster VIVO V3 & V3Max and Ranveer Singh ringed more than just a bell and worked wonderfully in establishing the brand connect. The #FasterThanFaster TVC stayed true to its real essence and narrated a story in under 20 shots. Special mentions for the editing team!
OPPO Selfie Expert
The brand didn’t shy away from spending a bomb on scoring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor for the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert TVC. The T20 matches were raided with the ’Bright & Beautiful’ jingle which received mixed views from the viewers. Tacktastic camera work, unnecessary lights and forced smiles by Sonam Kapoor were a huge turn off!



Gionee #MakeSmiles
The sponsors of Kolkata Knight Riders, Gionee India wanted to rebrand themselves as well as the Captain, Gautam Gambhir. The ad is too short and barely talks about the product features. Maybe it’s just us, but this one looked more like an HP or Vistaprint TVC.
Micromax Canvas 6
Micromax may have been the ‘good guy in the club’ till now but this ad film has definitely created ripples in the ad world. Bold as F*** and clearly targeted towards the biggies, this TVC surpasses all levels of being nasty. But we, for once love the swag and attitude that the man carries. Tight shots, on-point expressions and a road roller crushing thousands of smartphones is all that you need to become the talk of the town.
LYF Mobile Phones
The new kid on the block is star studded and hilarious at some levels. They roped in Kangana Ranaut and bankable cricketers, M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli to shake a leg but it did not do much justice to the screenplay.
Right blend of star power, production and conceptualization is what creative ads should be made of. Looks like Vivo India is leading this space

Rajnigandha Finally Shines with ‘Achahai Ki Chamak’

‘Achahai ki ek alag chamak hoti hai’

We wonder if the ‘Chamak’ is able to drive a mouth-freshener brand! ‘Goodness that Shines’ has been the underlying concept of Rajnigandha Silver Pearls’ marketing strategy. The campaign kicked off early in August with a TVC featuring Priyanka Chopra.

To put it subtly, the TVC was a total bummer, absolute waste of resources because it failed to establish a strong connection between the product and the visuals. We couldn’t help analysing the advertisement #FrameByFrame. Here are the statistics: Most of the viewers watching Priyanka Chopra in the TVC and the tagline appeared to be a jewellery ad rather than premium mouth-freshener. Only if the brand didn’t mean that their mouth-freshner will make the teeth “shine”, as the tagline suggests ‘Goodness that shines’ (pun intended).RajniGandha Silver Pearls

As part of their fire-fighting strategy, a month later they launched Pearls of India digital campaign to explain the ‘AchahaiKiChamak’ TVC. Well! Rajnigandha you deserve all the love and sympathy. The audience could pick on the brand message only with the videos and a few social trends, which were a part of their digital campaign.

Until now the Pearls of India series has ‘The Story of Pintoo Uncle’ and ‘The Story of Chacha Chachi, Spiti.’ Finally, the TVCs could define what does the brand means by ‘Achchai Ki Chamak.’ With real stories, real people being featured in these digital advertisements, the campaign has got its due on social media. As a Digital media savvy, we knew #PearslOfIndia was a promoted hash tag but it fetched decent number of views on the videos.

IMG1 (2)
IMG2 (1)

A #FrameByFrame analysis of the video helped us understand why this campaign got successful and the other one failed despite having top Bollywood actress as ambassador. The new campaign launched as ‘Pearls of India’ clearly defined the “Goodness that shines.” Hence, the audience could consume the content well, unlike the earlier one, wherein Priyanka Chopra indulges in a self-depreciating monologue and ends it with ‘Achchai Ki Alag Chamak Hoti Hai’. The TVC leaves you thinking what is the “achchai” in the elaichi and how does it make you shine, if it’s. But thanks to the additional videos, the message now stands crystal clear just like the Chamkili Achahai 😛

Watch out both the advertisements on Mad on Ads and share your expressions on each frame by clicking on the smileys. Say Yay to #FrameByFrame