The New Heroes of Advertising Industry

While women empowerment has been a hot piece of cake for brands since time immemorial, we’ve now learnt to put women in the right light. From portraying them as sex pots, men magnets, home makers to now as independent individuals. Brands like BIBA India, Ariel, Anouk by Myntra, Amazon and Vatika have stepped up for women rights with excellent brand campaigns that stole headlines for days. Here is a look at some of them.

BIBA India

Bringing out the bogus of the arranged marriage setup, BIBA India pushed a beautiful change. Regina Cassandra plays the to-be-bride who refuses to give up to the stale alliance of arranged marriages and stay mum throughout her life. Each frame, dialogue and expression is worth a million bucks. Definitely a must watch!


Ariel India

In Vol. 2 of #ShareTheLoad campaign, Ariel India debates whether ‘laundry is just a woman’s job!’ The father apologizes on behalf of all the men and promises to share the load with his partner. The daughter on the other hand quietly fulfils her duties as a home maker and a professional. Another GlassLion waits for BBDO India!



Amazon busted the myth that men have carried all their lives. Women are criticised for being shopaholics but the intention behind frequent shopping trips are often ignored. In a social experiment video, Amazon touched the hearts of many. The digital ad concludes: Men think women don’t love to shop; truth is they shop to show love!



Vatika salutes female cancer survivors with this inspirational story of a bald woman. The bravery lied in showing a bald woman in a brand’s ad that promotes long and luscious locks. ‘Brave & Beautiful’ aptly shows how brands no longer shy away from taking risks when it comes to advertising.



‘Bold Is Beautiful’ is genuinely the boldest advertisement in the history of Indian advertising. In a country where bisexuality is ridiculed leave alone same sex marriage, this ad by Anouk comes across as a welcome change. The ad breaks the stereotypes that surround lesbian couples in our country and preaches that one shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexual preferences. This may have just triggered a new era in the industry!


As the world celebrates the existence of women on International Women’s Day, we cheer for their heroic presence in the advertising industry.

Happy International Women’s Day, Beautiful!