You Are The Ads You Watch

mad on ads

Gone holiday season all of us purchased gifts for our near and dear ones. We will all agree that a considerable level of decision making occurs while we’re watching ads on TV. Out of hundreds of advertisements that we watch every day, only a few manage to grab our eyeballs and develop that human connect immediately. Emotions are central to advertising. Except the way we measure the credibility/emotional connect of an advertisement.

According to Nielsen, the advertising industry has a long history of measurement solutions based on recall, recognition, intent, consideration, etc. because those metrics are relatively easy to capture and interpret. Those are important measures in their own right, but they’re poor surrogates for measuring the emotional connection that an ad is capable of developing with its viewers.

So what do we do to measure the emotional impact that the ad has on an individual? What sort of emotions does it evoke in consumers? Which second or frame of the ad worked well? Is it tasteful? Will it hurt somebody’s feelings? Will it help my brand seep into people’s hearts?

One answer to all the above questions – MadOnAds . It’s an ad review platform, to help brands take a leap from the existing set of feedback system from their consumers and seek an apt analysis, i.e. a frame by frame analysis of the ad. As a matter of fact, focus groups for sentiment analysis may be a genius idea but what do we do once an ad is launched? We gather sentiment analysis of regular people, the ‘Aam Janta’ using MadOnAds. A platform that has the potential to change the way consumers respond to ads, a single conscious click decides the fate of brands and their advertising strategies. At the comfort of sitting at your home and sipping coffee, the consumers can review an ad thoroughly; scrutinize each frame, appreciate/back-lash using one from a set of different emoticons. Not just the consumers, but brands can leverage from MadOnAds and understand the core sentiments of its audience through exhaustive sentiment analysis reports generated by yours truly.

MadOnAds proves that it’s important for every brand, new or old, big or small to develop an honest, emotional connect with people and measure the sentimental value of their relationship. This relationship is majorly based on the quality of product supplied and creative ideas used to market it. ‘Evaluating is a subset of planning’ and MadOnAds simply bridges the two through complete sentiment analysis of what worked and what didn’t in the ads. This eventually helps in better understanding of the audiences’ taste and smart editing of the ads if need be.

The frame by frame technology of the platform coupled with traditional feedback system can provide a much higher value to brands in terms of evaluating the performance of the advertisement.

Oh! By the way, you can get a free trial of MadOnAds before you plan to purchase it. 🙂