VIRAL NOW: Share The Load

Let us just accept that we live in a male dominated society where women are gradually trying to mark a place for themselves. In a country like India, it’s important to talk about ‘Gender Inequality’. When a household name like Ariel talks about it, we’re all ears!

BBDO India & Ariel India launched #ShareTheLoad video that went ‘Viral’ in no time. The video film doesn’t boast of a handsome budget, neither does it have A list celebrities posing around. Just a simple message, well conceptualised production and excellent social treatment – All that worked for the brand!

The video opens to a scene where a grandfather is seen playing with his little grandson when his daughter enters. The woman barely makes a conversation before she leaves to attend a call. At 15 seconds, we hear a voice over from the father. He is extremely proud to see his daughter grown up into a beautiful home maker and a skilled professional. At 28 seconds, the story twists!

‘I am so proud..and I am so sorry’, says the father. The powerful monologue continues while the daughter is extremely busy taking care of the regular household chores. At 47 seconds, we see the husband chilling on his laptop and watching TV; not so impressible!

This hurts the father, he begins apologizing on behalf of all the dads in the world for setting a wrong example in front of their little children. Our heart aches when the father travels back in time and remembers when the kids played ‘Home-makers’. The girls always cooked food while the boys watched TV or fooled around.

At 1:25 Seconds, the daughter reads her father’s apologetic letter where he cuts a sorry figure for not sharing the load with his wife. He may not be a master at cooking but he can at least help her with washing The real magic unfolds at 1:45 sec when the father says ‘Ab kuch sahi kar jau…’

A beautiful pro women advertisement packed with extra ordinary screenplay and dialogues; it stands as a clear winner! Do you watch and emote out your views on #ShareTheLoad frame by frame.

Yes! Everyone’s on Flipkart!

From street shopping and wandering in malls, you, me and everyone else is shopping online.  Flipkart has tapped on to the right audience with the right message. It says, everyone you trust is on Flipkart, why aren’t you?


The campaign #EveryoneOnFlipkart includes a series of 4 videos featuring men and women from different walks of life. The ads, without sounding too on-the-face are loaded with brilliant content and backed with ridiculously good filming. From Rastogi Ji to Watchman Anna, Bengali Maushiji to Constable Sahib everyone’s on Flipkart irrespective of their class, status, taste and financial background. The communication is bang on and the execution just adds to it.

Shot in mere two days, these videos are definitely going down in the history of best ads. Congratulations! Flipkart has done it once again with #EveryoneOnFlipkart Campaign conceptualised by Dentsu WebChutney.

Let us quickly take you through the ads. Don’t forget to review each one of them frame by frame.

The video opens with a gang of boys teasing Pandey for shopping online for his girlfriend and not from their trusted gift shop by Rastogi Ji. The surprised reaction on their faces at 0:19 is emoticon worthy! Within a minute’s time we see Rastogi Ji with a guy from Flipkart.

Typical Mumbai Constable and Mangesh, the tea stall owner are seen in the first shot. Non-stop commentary by Mangesh is hilarious but Constable Sahib is our Hero. He leaves us in utter amazement when he adorns the sunglasses delivered to him by Flipkart. Bang on communication is the winner here.

After Constable Sahib, Watchman Anna is seen beating away his blues with a little help from Flipkart. Showcasing the life of every office watchman and their tryst with online shopping, the film ends with a light hearted moment for everyone in the office. We rolled out laughing at 1:18 when Anna Ji calls Shaam sir to pick his Polka Dot Lungi.

The know-it-all Bengali Mausi Ji is seen picking up on everyone when she enters the house. She nearly saves herself from being trolled by little nieces, all thanks to Flipkart. Crisp dialogues and perfect filming add to the glory of this wonderful campaign.

Watch and review these #EveryoneOnFlipkart videos one frame at a time. One simple emoticon on each frame, that is all you need to do.

You Are The Ads You Watch

mad on ads

Gone holiday season all of us purchased gifts for our near and dear ones. We will all agree that a considerable level of decision making occurs while we’re watching ads on TV. Out of hundreds of advertisements that we watch every day, only a few manage to grab our eyeballs and develop that human connect immediately. Emotions are central to advertising. Except the way we measure the credibility/emotional connect of an advertisement.

According to Nielsen, the advertising industry has a long history of measurement solutions based on recall, recognition, intent, consideration, etc. because those metrics are relatively easy to capture and interpret. Those are important measures in their own right, but they’re poor surrogates for measuring the emotional connection that an ad is capable of developing with its viewers.

So what do we do to measure the emotional impact that the ad has on an individual? What sort of emotions does it evoke in consumers? Which second or frame of the ad worked well? Is it tasteful? Will it hurt somebody’s feelings? Will it help my brand seep into people’s hearts?

One answer to all the above questions – MadOnAds . It’s an ad review platform, to help brands take a leap from the existing set of feedback system from their consumers and seek an apt analysis, i.e. a frame by frame analysis of the ad. As a matter of fact, focus groups for sentiment analysis may be a genius idea but what do we do once an ad is launched? We gather sentiment analysis of regular people, the ‘Aam Janta’ using MadOnAds. A platform that has the potential to change the way consumers respond to ads, a single conscious click decides the fate of brands and their advertising strategies. At the comfort of sitting at your home and sipping coffee, the consumers can review an ad thoroughly; scrutinize each frame, appreciate/back-lash using one from a set of different emoticons. Not just the consumers, but brands can leverage from MadOnAds and understand the core sentiments of its audience through exhaustive sentiment analysis reports generated by yours truly.

MadOnAds proves that it’s important for every brand, new or old, big or small to develop an honest, emotional connect with people and measure the sentimental value of their relationship. This relationship is majorly based on the quality of product supplied and creative ideas used to market it. ‘Evaluating is a subset of planning’ and MadOnAds simply bridges the two through complete sentiment analysis of what worked and what didn’t in the ads. This eventually helps in better understanding of the audiences’ taste and smart editing of the ads if need be.

The frame by frame technology of the platform coupled with traditional feedback system can provide a much higher value to brands in terms of evaluating the performance of the advertisement.

Oh! By the way, you can get a free trial of MadOnAds before you plan to purchase it. 🙂

BIBA Pushes Beautiful Change With New TVC

Old ways do not open new doors

Change is always beautiful. But are we ready to embrace the change in our society? Are we ready to slash our egos and support gender equality? Half the men will say YES right here but we bet only a handful of them will truly support the cause. Well, BIBA the ethnic clothing brand in its latest TVC has said loud and clear that Change is beautiful. The TVC questions the entire concept of arrange marriages in India leaves us in ‘Can it happen..?’ state of mind.

The TVC opens with simple question by a daughter to her father – “Papa, sirf samose khilakar kaise decide karloon ki zindagi isi ke sath bitaani hai?” We see the nervous bride-to-be asking the most valid question but sadly the father has no answer so he changes the topic.img1Then we switch to the customary meet and greet with the boy’s family. After a series of whats and hows, the boy’s family readily agree to the ‘Rishta’. But the real magic unfolds at 1:09 when the father expresses his doubts about the guy and asks if he knows how to cook and take care of the family. Also, can we please ‘Salute’ him for the comeback at 1:25?IMG1 (1)Followed by a series of awkward glances and ‘My Beta is My Prince’ kind of explanations, at 1:20 the groom’s mother cleverly justifies her beloved son’s inability to cook. We feel you bro! Just hit the ‘F*ck you’ smiley and you’re done!IMG3
But let’s agree that 1:38 is the winning moment of the Ad. Blow kisses, like or even salute the guy for being a total sport. Just then the groom asks the father to come visit them after a week till then he would learning cooking 🙂 *Please pass the tissue box* the males in the ad leave us ‘Awwing’ and also secretly wishing for such men in our lives.IMG4Change is beautiful and we’re changing the World of Ad Viewing and Expressing with Mad on Ads. Go check out this and lots of other wonders and bizarre from the Ad world on
online ad review platform and express your views with Smileys. Not just that, earn MOA Points and get lots of goodies too 🙂 take the smiley way now!

Most Irritating Ads of 2015

It’s been long we’ve been cribbing about annoying advertisements on television. We empower you to finally express your thoughts as bluntly as you want. We understand how some of the ads make you use the F-word. We know how some of the ads have been irritating you all your life. Well, we have listed down some of most annoying ads of 2015, blurt out all your hatred against these ads with related emoticons.

  1. Airtel Night Cashback TVC

We wonder what has happened to Airtel TVCs these days. After introducing Neha Chettri to their 4G ads they’ve just degraded their standards. It became intolerant after we got to watch the Night Cashback Scheme advertisement. We know the scheme in itself is foolish move, but the TVC has gone a step ahead. The so-called ‘Airtel girl’ is seen waking up girls in a hostel room asking them to get up and use internet to get the cashback. While Airtel made a move to promote the same TVC on Twitter, customers also took it to the platform to express their hatred towards the scheme and the ad both. Watch and express yours too.

  1. Idea Internet Network (IIN)

The series of IIN advertisements put up by the Idea cellular network irritated one and all. Starting with the Drone TVC, it showed up various situations where IIN has helped people prosper in their careers. Time and again these ads challenged the existence of schools, teachers and universities. Hence this ad tops our chart of most annoying advertisements of 2015. We would love to know your thoughts too, express them with emoticons on the ad here.

  1. Alpenliebe: Dadaji’s Nagin Dance

Have you seen the advertisement? No one from where does Alpenliebe, the product and Dadaji performing Nagin dance is related one another. But, the TVC exists, as it surely has the recall value which has got us all to remember it. If India can tolerate this TVC on television then how can anybody argue saying we’re intolerant. Express your views about the advertisement here.

  1. Amazon Kya Pehnu

Recently released, this TVC by Amazon has reached a height of intolerance. People from all walks of life, just moving around and asking ‘Kya Pehnu’ to suggest that find your choice on Amazon. How irritating is that? Tell us with emoticons on the TVC.

  1. Skoda Rapid Buy Now Pay in 2017

You can buy a Skoda Rapid like you buy fruits! This is what this advertisement had tried to convey. Isn’t it foolish? Thus, it stands a chance to win a place in the most irritating ads of 2015. We know you couldn’t agree less on this with us. Hence, you may also go and click on F**k You while watching this TVC here.

You have more suggestions of irritating ads of 2015? Write to us in the comments below and we may get reviews of people on the platform and include them too.