Ranveer Singh: The True Ad-Mad Boy!

Irresistible charm, feisty energy, crazy moves, and infectious smile, Ranveer Singh is a dream come true for every advertiser!

From being the ‘Raja Babu’ to making us sway to the tunes of ‘Do The Rex’, this guy is (ad)mad to the core! Here is a look at some of his quirkiest endorsements.

Set Wet’s #SadaSexyRaho campaign would not have been this lively and effortlessly natural without Ranveer. Promising to stay sexy, the brand’s advertisement for Women’s Day came across as a breath of fresh air amidst the same old stereotypical ads that we usually see. Singh is able to successfully reach out to the target audience and establish that connect with them. The campaign jingle and the overall set-up delivers the point in a delightful manner. The brand has also revamped the packaging of Set Wet deo; the new bottles have the words ‘Swag Avatar’ or ‘Mischief Avatar’ or ‘Cool Avatar’ or ‘Charm Avatar’ printed on them. And ain’t nobody like Ranveer to represent all these moods to perfection!


A Bollywood jodi that we had been waiting to see in films came alive with Make My Trip’s latest #BeFikarBookKar campaign. A set of two videos featuring Ranveer and Alia in poles apart characters adds another level of visual appeal to the ads. Conceptualised to cater to the millennials, Ranveer Singh surely makes us want to download the App.


Even an age old brand such as Colgate couldn’t resist Singh’s charms and roped-in the actor as their ‘Dhamakedaar Taazgi Ki Leher’. In their latest TVC, Ranveer is seen shaking a leg to the tunes of the ‘Taazgi Anthem’ which gives us major street dance feels.  From the irritating ‘Kya Aapke Toothpaste Me Namak Hai?’ series to this high on energy ad with Singh, Colgate has created a recall value that will stay with the audience longer than you think. rs1

Singh as Raja Baba, exemplified the proposition of comfort by flaunting the innerwear in effortless moves for Rupa Frontline. The peppy music, the relaxed beach setting and Singh in his irreverent avatar, worked brilliantly for the brand.


Durex as a brand is passionate about sexual wellbeing and understands the importance of connecting with youth. And through their partnership with Ranveer, they were definitely able to positively engage in a discussion around the subject of safe sex. Left, center, top and all places right, only Singh could make the condom brand the talk of the town!


VIVO, a premium smartphone company has recently roped in Singh as their Brand Ambassador for their #FasterThanFaster phones V3 and V3Max. Mr. Quirk Master exudes endless charm and energy in the commercial making the fast look pleasing. Needless to say, Mr. Singh blends in effortlessly in the letting the fast phone be the hero of the moment.


The advertisers are in love with Ranveer and so are we! All his recent endorsements have worked extremely well for the brand. King Midas might have the ability to turn everything he touched into gold, but Singh has this uncanny ability to turn everything swag-er, cool-er and sexy-er.

Rajnigandha Finally Shines with ‘Achahai Ki Chamak’

‘Achahai ki ek alag chamak hoti hai’

We wonder if the ‘Chamak’ is able to drive a mouth-freshener brand! ‘Goodness that Shines’ has been the underlying concept of Rajnigandha Silver Pearls’ marketing strategy. The campaign kicked off early in August with a TVC featuring Priyanka Chopra.

To put it subtly, the TVC was a total bummer, absolute waste of resources because it failed to establish a strong connection between the product and the visuals. We couldn’t help analysing the advertisement #FrameByFrame. Here are the statistics: Most of the viewers watching Priyanka Chopra in the TVC and the tagline appeared to be a jewellery ad rather than premium mouth-freshener. Only if the brand didn’t mean that their mouth-freshner will make the teeth “shine”, as the tagline suggests ‘Goodness that shines’ (pun intended).RajniGandha Silver Pearls

As part of their fire-fighting strategy, a month later they launched Pearls of India digital campaign to explain the ‘AchahaiKiChamak’ TVC. Well! Rajnigandha you deserve all the love and sympathy. The audience could pick on the brand message only with the videos and a few social trends, which were a part of their digital campaign.

Until now the Pearls of India series has ‘The Story of Pintoo Uncle’ and ‘The Story of Chacha Chachi, Spiti.’ Finally, the TVCs could define what does the brand means by ‘Achchai Ki Chamak.’ With real stories, real people being featured in these digital advertisements, the campaign has got its due on social media. As a Digital media savvy, we knew #PearslOfIndia was a promoted hash tag but it fetched decent number of views on the videos.

IMG1 (2)
IMG2 (1)

A #FrameByFrame analysis of the video helped us understand why this campaign got successful and the other one failed despite having top Bollywood actress as ambassador. The new campaign launched as ‘Pearls of India’ clearly defined the “Goodness that shines.” Hence, the audience could consume the content well, unlike the earlier one, wherein Priyanka Chopra indulges in a self-depreciating monologue and ends it with ‘Achchai Ki Alag Chamak Hoti Hai’. The TVC leaves you thinking what is the “achchai” in the elaichi and how does it make you shine, if it’s. But thanks to the additional videos, the message now stands crystal clear just like the Chamkili Achahai 😛

Watch out both the advertisements on Mad on Ads and share your expressions on each frame by clicking on the smileys. Say Yay to #FrameByFrame