#KhulkeKheloHoli: An Analysis

Every Holi season brands take a dip into the sea of colours and share incredible work celebrating the festival. This time, the advertisement that won our hearts was Parachute’s #KhulkeKheloHoli.

#KhuleKheloHoli directed by Anirudha Sen of McCann Erickson, takes a break from the usual Holi rants that we see each year. It beautifully captures the pool of emotions that Sudhir Pandey and Neena Kulkarni go through in an old age home. A stark contrast drawn so beautifully, we can’t help but applaud the makers!

Taking a look at the overall sentiment of the advertisement, a staggering 70% positive review has definitely put it in the winning position. Here is a look at some of the best and worst frames of the ad.

Nothing much happens in the first 23 seconds. At 24th second, Sudhir Pandey is seen dressing for Holi. The talented actor’s childlike smile got our viewers emoting out.


As he is prepping up, Neena silently watches him running errands. Until the 35th second, there is no spotting of the product which is absolutely uncommon in the Indian advertising industry.  The product is so subtly placed that you barely realise it’s an ad and not a movie.

At the 50th second, he picks gulaal to commence the celebrations and that is what got our viewers to share Likes and Blowing Kisses.


All the while, viewers had been pretty involved with Sudhir’s story, but Neena’s prompt gesture definitely took the viewers by surprise and they couldn’t help but share ‘Surprises’, ‘Salutes’ and ‘Blowing Kisses’. This marked the beginning of a Holi like never before and the viewers joined in by emoting out.


At 96 seconds, when the young lad settled Pandey down not realising his expectations; got a small section of our viewers to click on the emoticon, ‘Fuck You’.

The winning moment though was at 155 seconds when the old man in his wheel chair embraced the colour blast and welcomed the festivities with open arms.


Shubha Mudgal’s classic background score captures the joys of Holi and brings about generous emotional stimulation. Parachute’s #KhulkeKheloHoli video that got the world talking has pretty much impressed the ad maniacs.

Let us know what frame you liked the best!