Nestle Without Maggi Noodles?

From Cerelac as the baby food to Nescafe as the preferred coffee partner to Kit Kat as the constant funda for all your breaks – for a company whose existence dates back to 100 years, most of us have grown with Nestle products.

To celebrate a century of their association with India, Nestle recently released an advertisement. But surprisingly, there was no mention of Maggi Noodles! Weird, right?! From late night hunger pangs to lazy winter afternoons to bachelorhood days, a hot bowl of Maggi is what most of us have ever craved for! For Nestle to not have mentioned the brand even once in the advertisement was absolutely criminal; especially after releasing series of brilliantly crafted #WeMissYouToo adverts for reaching out to all the Maggi loyalists. We think that it would have been wonderful to have woven Maggi in the ‘100 Years’ story.

Apart from this, we loved the advertisement! What do you have to say about it? Emote out loud by clicking on the emoticons here.