Coca Cola India Does It Once Again!


Coca Cola has been on top of its digital media game ever since it set foot on the lands of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. If one brand knows how to do digital right, it’s got to Coca Cola India. After the groundbreaking global ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, Coca Cola rolled out its latest Desi Campaign called #CokeNawaazi.

CokeNawaazi Campaign

#CokeNawaazi as the name suggests is Coca Cola India’s take on #MehmaanNawaazi. The brand launched a Facebook-Only campaign where it instilled the idea of substituting Coca Cola for Chai/coffee.mooh dikhai (1)
A series of short #CokeNawaazi videos were released on facebook which had the essence of Punjab, Mumbai, Birthday, Kitty parties, Mooh Dikhai and a few more. The campaign focuses on the ‘desi’ element which connects it with Indian audience. The videos focus on how Coca Cola is a part of every ritual, occasion and season. Considering the length of the videos, it was easy to take the limelight away from the product but the film makers did a commendable job and made sure that the product stands as the hero.

These on-point ads/videos target the right audience with the right message. McCann did a fabulous job with this one *Blowing kisses*
Share your thoughts with us on each one of these #CokeNawaazi videos one frame at a time, one smiley at a time 🙂 Say Yay to #FrameByFrame !

Snapdeal selling ‘Dil Ki Deal’ in true sense!

Advertising industry has changed over the years. As the marketing trends are changing, moving from product-based marketing towards storytelling, here’s one more addition to the list. This video by Snapdeal True Serve came out as a perfect example of the storytelling advertising.

The video features a blind woman, Madhu Bala Sharma, who wished to buy a gift for her brother and called up Snapdeal. She shares her experience of how customer-care executive at the e-commerce giant helped her out. While we all assume it to be just an advertising gimmick, the video mentions that it is a true story. This will definitely move your heart as you watch this.

While brands have been bringing out 3-4 minute long video ad campaign to share their story, Snapdeal chose to make it a 58-second video. Of course, it has been a wise decision to ensure that their content reaches maximum people on web. As we approach the TVC #FrameByFrame, we realise how the brand has ensured to make the video crisp and clear.

While it can be seen as bragging about their services up-front, the voice of the lady has presented it as an experience lived and not just a customer review. It is due to her earnest expressions on every frame that have portrayed her as an empowered customer.

As she shares about the colours, patterns being described to her over phone, she projects it with a true service attitude, which is rarely found in today’s time.

This video testimonial showcases Snapdeal’s commitment towards every customer to provide them a delightful experience.If you haven’t seen the video advertisement yet, watch it now and express your emotions here #FrameByFrame. Ensure you click on the smileys, depending on how you felt at the moment as you watch the ad on MadOnAds.