BIBA Pushes Beautiful Change With New TVC

Old ways do not open new doors

Change is always beautiful. But are we ready to embrace the change in our society? Are we ready to slash our egos and support gender equality? Half the men will say YES right here but we bet only a handful of them will truly support the cause. Well, BIBA the ethnic clothing brand in its latest TVC has said loud and clear that Change is beautiful. The TVC questions the entire concept of arrange marriages in India leaves us in ‘Can it happen..?’ state of mind.

The TVC opens with simple question by a daughter to her father – “Papa, sirf samose khilakar kaise decide karloon ki zindagi isi ke sath bitaani hai?” We see the nervous bride-to-be asking the most valid question but sadly the father has no answer so he changes the topic.img1Then we switch to the customary meet and greet with the boy’s family. After a series of whats and hows, the boy’s family readily agree to the ‘Rishta’. But the real magic unfolds at 1:09 when the father expresses his doubts about the guy and asks if he knows how to cook and take care of the family. Also, can we please ‘Salute’ him for the comeback at 1:25?IMG1 (1)Followed by a series of awkward glances and ‘My Beta is My Prince’ kind of explanations, at 1:20 the groom’s mother cleverly justifies her beloved son’s inability to cook. We feel you bro! Just hit the ‘F*ck you’ smiley and you’re done!IMG3
But let’s agree that 1:38 is the winning moment of the Ad. Blow kisses, like or even salute the guy for being a total sport. Just then the groom asks the father to come visit them after a week till then he would learning cooking 🙂 *Please pass the tissue box* the males in the ad leave us ‘Awwing’ and also secretly wishing for such men in our lives.IMG4Change is beautiful and we’re changing the World of Ad Viewing and Expressing with Mad on Ads. Go check out this and lots of other wonders and bizarre from the Ad world on
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