Yes! Everyone’s on Flipkart!

From street shopping and wandering in malls, you, me and everyone else is shopping online.  Flipkart has tapped on to the right audience with the right message. It says, everyone you trust is on Flipkart, why aren’t you?


The campaign #EveryoneOnFlipkart includes a series of 4 videos featuring men and women from different walks of life. The ads, without sounding too on-the-face are loaded with brilliant content and backed with ridiculously good filming. From Rastogi Ji to Watchman Anna, Bengali Maushiji to Constable Sahib everyone’s on Flipkart irrespective of their class, status, taste and financial background. The communication is bang on and the execution just adds to it.

Shot in mere two days, these videos are definitely going down in the history of best ads. Congratulations! Flipkart has done it once again with #EveryoneOnFlipkart Campaign conceptualised by Dentsu WebChutney.

Let us quickly take you through the ads. Don’t forget to review each one of them frame by frame.

The video opens with a gang of boys teasing Pandey for shopping online for his girlfriend and not from their trusted gift shop by Rastogi Ji. The surprised reaction on their faces at 0:19 is emoticon worthy! Within a minute’s time we see Rastogi Ji with a guy from Flipkart.

Typical Mumbai Constable and Mangesh, the tea stall owner are seen in the first shot. Non-stop commentary by Mangesh is hilarious but Constable Sahib is our Hero. He leaves us in utter amazement when he adorns the sunglasses delivered to him by Flipkart. Bang on communication is the winner here.

After Constable Sahib, Watchman Anna is seen beating away his blues with a little help from Flipkart. Showcasing the life of every office watchman and their tryst with online shopping, the film ends with a light hearted moment for everyone in the office. We rolled out laughing at 1:18 when Anna Ji calls Shaam sir to pick his Polka Dot Lungi.

The know-it-all Bengali Mausi Ji is seen picking up on everyone when she enters the house. She nearly saves herself from being trolled by little nieces, all thanks to Flipkart. Crisp dialogues and perfect filming add to the glory of this wonderful campaign.

Watch and review these #EveryoneOnFlipkart videos one frame at a time. One simple emoticon on each frame, that is all you need to do.