After Nescafe, Would Love To Be A Part Of Maggi TVC: Vikrant Massey

Most recently seen in the Nescafe ad, Vikrant Massey talks to Mad On Ads of changing advertising space and his bond with Nestle products, which has grown stronger than ever.

The TV commercial that shows Massey as a cartoonist, who struggles hard and gets his due through social media, has been doing the rounds on internet. The actor is overwhelmed to see the increasing fan-following and critical accolades for the same.

How did you land the project?
I was out with a friend of mine, where I met Director Vinil Mathew and he told me about this ad. He discussed the same with Mukesh Chhabra, the casting director and they were convinced that I can pull it off. Vinil has been doing phenomenal work and has been creating great ads. I feel privileged to have worked with people of such high calibre. Nescafe has been bringing really good ad campaigns and I was all excited to take up the role.

Deepika Padukone has been the face of Nescafe and now it’s you representing the brand. How does it feel like?
Deepika is big star. She is and will remain the face of the brand till the company continues the ties. Mine was just a project specific role, which I landed up, because the directors had the conviction that I can do justice to it.

You’ve worked on stellar projects like Lootera and Dil Dhadakne Do and have a great fan following amongst the TV audience. Was it luck or talent that got you this role?
It was purely based on the need of the character that I got this opportunity and not because of any celebrity factor. As far as being associated with the brand is concerned, Nescafe is a household name and it’s a matter of great pride to be representing the same.

It’s not really the actor but the character and the story that moves the audience! Agree or disagree.
Narratives have changed. People do not see a brand as a mere commodity. There is a lot of trust factor that goes in. Today, it has become very important to dissolve the barriers between the brand and the consumers. People have strong opinions and have options to connect with the brand through social media. It becomes very important to be clear in the communication with the consumers.

In this particular Nescafe ad, it shows how the power of social media helps this guy to achieve his ambitions. It symbolizes a journey, not just of a cartoonist, but of every individual. The ad represents everyone who has ever had a setback in his life and goes against all the odds and struggles to achieve his ambitions.

We’ve tried to develop a personal connect and the kind of response we’ve been getting, I think we’ve successfully done that.

Do you think that product-based advertising is passé and it is now the era of storytelling?
While models and actors were doing product-based advertising, there have been people like Javed Jaffrey, who’ve been participating in advertisements with a storytelling approach since 90s. With times moving forward and more efficient people working together, conceptualisation behind advertisements have indeed gone better.

Did you feel hesitant working with Nestle after the Maggi controversy?
Not at all! It was a conscious decision to be a part of the Nestle campaign. Maggi fiasco couldn’t stop me to work for such a fantastic team.

Nestle has been delivering quality products in its journey of 103 years and I am proud to be associated with the brand. I have grown up with Nestle products. Two of the yellow packets that were synonymous to my childhood were Maggi Noodles and Parle G. I have grown up with these products. Ofcourse, not to forget Cerelac! The last time I had Cerelac was two months back. ‘Cerelac Craving’ is the term!

Do you feel connected to #WeMissYouToo ads by Maggi?
I might not sound politically correct if I say this but I am myself craving for Maggi since it’s last gone. As an actor, there are so many times when you survive solely on Maggi. A bowl full of Maggi on a winter afternoon is more than one could ask for! I am eagerly waiting for its comeback and yes, I could absolutely relate to the #WeMissYouToo campaign.

Would you like to promote Maggi’s comeback stint?
There is no doubt about it. I would love to do it.

Your thoughts on Mad On Ads.
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