Most Irritating Ads of 2015

It’s been long we’ve been cribbing about annoying advertisements on television. We empower you to finally express your thoughts as bluntly as you want. We understand how some of the ads make you use the F-word. We know how some of the ads have been irritating you all your life. Well, we have listed down some of most annoying ads of 2015, blurt out all your hatred against these ads with related emoticons.

  1. Airtel Night Cashback TVC

We wonder what has happened to Airtel TVCs these days. After introducing Neha Chettri to their 4G ads they’ve just degraded their standards. It became intolerant after we got to watch the Night Cashback Scheme advertisement. We know the scheme in itself is foolish move, but the TVC has gone a step ahead. The so-called ‘Airtel girl’ is seen waking up girls in a hostel room asking them to get up and use internet to get the cashback. While Airtel made a move to promote the same TVC on Twitter, customers also took it to the platform to express their hatred towards the scheme and the ad both. Watch and express yours too.

  1. Idea Internet Network (IIN)

The series of IIN advertisements put up by the Idea cellular network irritated one and all. Starting with the Drone TVC, it showed up various situations where IIN has helped people prosper in their careers. Time and again these ads challenged the existence of schools, teachers and universities. Hence this ad tops our chart of most annoying advertisements of 2015. We would love to know your thoughts too, express them with emoticons on the ad here.

  1. Alpenliebe: Dadaji’s Nagin Dance

Have you seen the advertisement? No one from where does Alpenliebe, the product and Dadaji performing Nagin dance is related one another. But, the TVC exists, as it surely has the recall value which has got us all to remember it. If India can tolerate this TVC on television then how can anybody argue saying we’re intolerant. Express your views about the advertisement here.

  1. Amazon Kya Pehnu

Recently released, this TVC by Amazon has reached a height of intolerance. People from all walks of life, just moving around and asking ‘Kya Pehnu’ to suggest that find your choice on Amazon. How irritating is that? Tell us with emoticons on the TVC.

  1. Skoda Rapid Buy Now Pay in 2017

You can buy a Skoda Rapid like you buy fruits! This is what this advertisement had tried to convey. Isn’t it foolish? Thus, it stands a chance to win a place in the most irritating ads of 2015. We know you couldn’t agree less on this with us. Hence, you may also go and click on F**k You while watching this TVC here.

You have more suggestions of irritating ads of 2015? Write to us in the comments below and we may get reviews of people on the platform and include them too.