Ranveer Singh: The True Ad-Mad Boy!

Irresistible charm, feisty energy, crazy moves, and infectious smile, Ranveer Singh is a dream come true for every advertiser!

From being the ‘Raja Babu’ to making us sway to the tunes of ‘Do The Rex’, this guy is (ad)mad to the core! Here is a look at some of his quirkiest endorsements.

Set Wet’s #SadaSexyRaho campaign would not have been this lively and effortlessly natural without Ranveer. Promising to stay sexy, the brand’s advertisement for Women’s Day came across as a breath of fresh air amidst the same old stereotypical ads that we usually see. Singh is able to successfully reach out to the target audience and establish that connect with them. The campaign jingle and the overall set-up delivers the point in a delightful manner. The brand has also revamped the packaging of Set Wet deo; the new bottles have the words ‘Swag Avatar’ or ‘Mischief Avatar’ or ‘Cool Avatar’ or ‘Charm Avatar’ printed on them. And ain’t nobody like Ranveer to represent all these moods to perfection!


A Bollywood jodi that we had been waiting to see in films came alive with Make My Trip’s latest #BeFikarBookKar campaign. A set of two videos featuring Ranveer and Alia in poles apart characters adds another level of visual appeal to the ads. Conceptualised to cater to the millennials, Ranveer Singh surely makes us want to download the App.


Even an age old brand such as Colgate couldn’t resist Singh’s charms and roped-in the actor as their ‘Dhamakedaar Taazgi Ki Leher’. In their latest TVC, Ranveer is seen shaking a leg to the tunes of the ‘Taazgi Anthem’ which gives us major street dance feels.  From the irritating ‘Kya Aapke Toothpaste Me Namak Hai?’ series to this high on energy ad with Singh, Colgate has created a recall value that will stay with the audience longer than you think. rs1

Singh as Raja Baba, exemplified the proposition of comfort by flaunting the innerwear in effortless moves for Rupa Frontline. The peppy music, the relaxed beach setting and Singh in his irreverent avatar, worked brilliantly for the brand.


Durex as a brand is passionate about sexual wellbeing and understands the importance of connecting with youth. And through their partnership with Ranveer, they were definitely able to positively engage in a discussion around the subject of safe sex. Left, center, top and all places right, only Singh could make the condom brand the talk of the town!


VIVO, a premium smartphone company has recently roped in Singh as their Brand Ambassador for their #FasterThanFaster phones V3 and V3Max. Mr. Quirk Master exudes endless charm and energy in the commercial making the fast look pleasing. Needless to say, Mr. Singh blends in effortlessly in the letting the fast phone be the hero of the moment.


The advertisers are in love with Ranveer and so are we! All his recent endorsements have worked extremely well for the brand. King Midas might have the ability to turn everything he touched into gold, but Singh has this uncanny ability to turn everything swag-er, cool-er and sexy-er.

VIRAL NOW: Share The Load

Let us just accept that we live in a male dominated society where women are gradually trying to mark a place for themselves. In a country like India, it’s important to talk about ‘Gender Inequality’. When a household name like Ariel talks about it, we’re all ears!

BBDO India & Ariel India launched #ShareTheLoad video that went ‘Viral’ in no time. The video film doesn’t boast of a handsome budget, neither does it have A list celebrities posing around. Just a simple message, well conceptualised production and excellent social treatment – All that worked for the brand!

The video opens to a scene where a grandfather is seen playing with his little grandson when his daughter enters. The woman barely makes a conversation before she leaves to attend a call. At 15 seconds, we hear a voice over from the father. He is extremely proud to see his daughter grown up into a beautiful home maker and a skilled professional. At 28 seconds, the story twists!

‘I am so proud..and I am so sorry’, says the father. The powerful monologue continues while the daughter is extremely busy taking care of the regular household chores. At 47 seconds, we see the husband chilling on his laptop and watching TV; not so impressible!

This hurts the father, he begins apologizing on behalf of all the dads in the world for setting a wrong example in front of their little children. Our heart aches when the father travels back in time and remembers when the kids played ‘Home-makers’. The girls always cooked food while the boys watched TV or fooled around.

At 1:25 Seconds, the daughter reads her father’s apologetic letter where he cuts a sorry figure for not sharing the load with his wife. He may not be a master at cooking but he can at least help her with washing The real magic unfolds at 1:45 sec when the father says ‘Ab kuch sahi kar jau…’

A beautiful pro women advertisement packed with extra ordinary screenplay and dialogues; it stands as a clear winner! Do you watch and emote out your views on #ShareTheLoad frame by frame.

When Cupid Arrow Struck Advertising

The mushiest season of the year is back and we’re already sensing cupid’s presence in the air. Like every year the world is going gaga over reds, pinks and hearts and so is the world of advertising. Every single brand ranging from chocolates to airplanes wants to ride strong on the love bull but only a few manage to make our hearts skip a beat. Here are 5 most beautiful Valentine’s Day ads from the last 5 years. Emote out your views on each frame!

1. Brand – MTV India
Year – 2015

MTV India wins the game with this monologue in a regional language. Nothing bold and outrageous like the brand’s identity, this one’s subtle yet effective. MTV India has taken the road less travelled and said it loud and clear that love knows no religion, no culture and no beliefs. We’re so proud that MTV India brought up a topic that is sensitive to the nation and needs to be talked about. We loved it in each frame.

2. Brand – You – A Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color
Year – 2014

This video has ‘love’ written all over it – from the opening shot to the closing bit, leaving us gushing with praise. The video talks about real love and its imperfections because life isn’t a movie and we’re no superstars. Seconds before the video is about to end, we shed a few tears because love is all about going out and making that one person feel special. It’s perfect and deserves to be in the list.

3. Vodafone Red – Kiss (2013)
Year – 2013

Good things should last forever. Yes! Good ads should be remembered forever. This video shows a young couple who grows old and older with each frame but what remains constant is their kiss. It’s the kiss that defines the unmatched love. The body may age, but love is immortal. There is no sign of the brand until the last shot and it sets everything in place. We’re compelled to feel the love that this 90 second masterpiece puts forward.

4. Cadbury India
Year – 2012

It’s cute, it’s mushy and it’s got love right from the first frame! It stands true to Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue “Agar wo meri sabse achi dost nahi ban sakti toh main pyaar nahi kar sakta.” This ad shows peppy love that blooms between friends. It makes us feel nostalgic about the beautiful days at college and school. It had to be part of the list.

5. KFC – Love is forever (2011)
Year – 2011

Way before Vodafone Red – Kiss, KFC did the exact same thing just the opposite way. The music sets the mood right in the first scene. The old couple is seen dancing away to the beautiful music by Ellie Glouding until they age down to become little kids who’re hungry. From grey hair oldies to adolescents to youngsters one thing remains common – the unparalleled love that we see clearly through their body language. But what connects us all? Love and love for food! Yes, this one’s emotional and smart at the same time. Thumbs Up!

Each video is beautiful in its own way and has a love story to tell. We love how brands have grown from direct sale-sy type ads to subtle story telling. Watch these masterpieces on online ad analysis platform and express your views on each ad using simple emoticons.

Sentiment Analysis of Pepsi Thi Pi Gya TVC

Whether it was ‘Oh Yes Abhi!’ or ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’, Pepsi is known for striking the right chord with its consumers through their marketing campaigns. Generally its association with Bollywood celebrities and cricketers that made the audiences connect with the brand, in their latest campaign they failed to build that connection. We aim to find out what exactly clicked with the Pepsi audience and what did not through a sentiment analysis on the basis of emoticons provided by real users on the platform.

The Pepsi Thi Pi Gya TVC shows students union clad in black kurtas protesting against a fee hike in college. Different media platforms compared it to recent protests led by FTII students and found it insensitive to be taking a dig over it through the TVC. PepsiCo India spokesperson refuted any resemblances with the protest and mentioned that it was just the irresistible taste of Pepsi that has been talked about in the TVC.
Here’s a #FrameByFrame analysis of how people reacted to Pepsi’s latest ad campaign Pepsi Thi Pi Gya. As anybody watches the TVC on MadOnAds, one starts feeding in the emotions they feel while watching on every frame of the ad.
Out of the total sentiments received from 500 people, 49.5% sentiments were ‘Like’, which clearly states that overall people liked the ad. As we sliced the data further we came to know how people liked different moments of the ads. And that’s how MadOnAds is capturing #FrameByFrame reaction of users.

Maximum people liked the 38th frame of the ad, when the student finishes drinking his Pepsi while the hunger strike is going on.


As he finishes his statement, “Pepsi Thi Pi Gya” and the student leader stares at him, maximum people watching the ad blew kisses on the 48th frame.


The next high moment is when everybody turns and he again opens the bottle at 52nd frame of the TVC.


While there has been a mixed reaction at the 21st second of the TVC as Pepsi appears in the frame, most of the people found it to be boring and hence clicked on “Sleepy” emoticon.



While there are many who liked the TVC, there have been people who dropped even before completion of 25% of the ad, i.e. before 16th second. Out of these, 12.6% of frames were given a ‘F**K You’ emoticon and 8.7% frames of the first 16 seconds were found to be boring or ‘Sleepy’ as we call it on MadOnAds.

Wait… we have not garnered only negative sentiments here, people clicked on ‘Salute’ on 10.7% of frames in the first 16 seconds. An equal number of initial frames were found to be Surprising. Did people find protests in an advertisement to be surprising?


Pepsi being a very playful brand till now, the audience wasn’t able to connect and did not even wait to make its product to make an entry and left. That’s all to be thought upon by the creative director of Vivek Kakkad from JWT or the media planners of PepsiCo.

If you wish to find a similar analysis of an advertisement, write to us in the comments below and we shall fetch you the right sentiment analysis based on the feedback provided by organic users like you. Till then, watch and reviews ads with smileys on every frame!