Advertising: From Annoyance to Storytelling

Coca-Cola journey from Aamir Khan’sThanda Matlab Coca-Cola’ to the most recent ‘Bidaai’ sequence by Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra, is a quintessential example of transition in the advertising industry.

Aamir’s ad forced the product to the consumers by making it sure that the vendor reckons “Thanda” with the brand only. The advertisement itself showed the annoying element way too much, with the vendor and the actor’s conversation. On the other hand, the latest commercial of the brand ensured that it was the story that moved the audience and not the product. “Just Married” Alia & Sidharth trying to strike the conversation in this latest ad shows how Coke helped them break the ice.

Thus, advertising has now moved from focusing on the product to the story that brings the product in focus. It’s not the case with just one brand, but most of them rely on the principle of story-telling these days.

But has anyone ever thought of the reason behind this transition? Well, we may put that blame on the ever rising competition in the industry. Earlier, when there were just a few brands in almost every segment, now there are many big and small brands competing at an equivalent level.

FMCG or electronics, apparels or LMVs, there are minimum five brands that will have a unique selling proposition that sets it apart, a celebrity brand ambassador and significant presence on print, TV and digital media. Thus, riding on these three factors isn’t that easy now!

So, to bring that new-ness in a brand and yet connect with the masses, it becomes important that the brand weaves the emotions of commons and present them as it’s own. This is why story-telling helps brands bring an emotional connect with the audience. Now the brands know that it will become your favourite only if you see a shadow of yours in the brand TVC. Isn’t that true?

Did you not visualise your childhood memories as you saw the Paper Boat commercials on television? Did you not think of yourself in a Nawazuddin Siddiqui situation at a risk of missing out on an important call without Truecaller? Did you not feel the fear of Dadi’s fall as the child in the recent Abbott commercial?

We all did, such is the effect of story-telling!

We all felt nostalgic of the days when we also sucked out the mango pulp and not many mango drinks existed. We all got afraid of missing out on a golden opportunity that might change our lives as well, as it worked for Nawazuddin. As Dadi cried her heart out, “Oh Tipu…” we also felt a thump in our heart, if Dadi did not fell and got relaxed when we heard her cry in happiness.

So, now we can conclude by saying, that today, best brands are those which best stories to tell. Agree? Speak your thoughts in the comments below.