When Cupid Arrow Struck Advertising

The mushiest season of the year is back and we’re already sensing cupid’s presence in the air. Like every year the world is going gaga over reds, pinks and hearts and so is the world of advertising. Every single brand ranging from chocolates to airplanes wants to ride strong on the love bull but only a few manage to make our hearts skip a beat. Here are 5 most beautiful Valentine’s Day ads from the last 5 years. Emote out your views on each frame!

1. Brand – MTV India
Year – 2015

MTV India wins the game with this monologue in a regional language. Nothing bold and outrageous like the brand’s identity, this one’s subtle yet effective. MTV India has taken the road less travelled and said it loud and clear that love knows no religion, no culture and no beliefs. We’re so proud that MTV India brought up a topic that is sensitive to the nation and needs to be talked about. We loved it in each frame.

2. Brand – You – A Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color
Year – 2014

This video has ‘love’ written all over it – from the opening shot to the closing bit, leaving us gushing with praise. The video talks about real love and its imperfections because life isn’t a movie and we’re no superstars. Seconds before the video is about to end, we shed a few tears because love is all about going out and making that one person feel special. It’s perfect and deserves to be in the list.

3. Vodafone Red – Kiss (2013)
Year – 2013

Good things should last forever. Yes! Good ads should be remembered forever. This video shows a young couple who grows old and older with each frame but what remains constant is their kiss. It’s the kiss that defines the unmatched love. The body may age, but love is immortal. There is no sign of the brand until the last shot and it sets everything in place. We’re compelled to feel the love that this 90 second masterpiece puts forward.

4. Cadbury India
Year – 2012

It’s cute, it’s mushy and it’s got love right from the first frame! It stands true to Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue “Agar wo meri sabse achi dost nahi ban sakti toh main pyaar nahi kar sakta.” This ad shows peppy love that blooms between friends. It makes us feel nostalgic about the beautiful days at college and school. It had to be part of the list.

5. KFC – Love is forever (2011)
Year – 2011

Way before Vodafone Red – Kiss, KFC did the exact same thing just the opposite way. The music sets the mood right in the first scene. The old couple is seen dancing away to the beautiful music by Ellie Glouding until they age down to become little kids who’re hungry. From grey hair oldies to adolescents to youngsters one thing remains common – the unparalleled love that we see clearly through their body language. But what connects us all? Love and love for food! Yes, this one’s emotional and smart at the same time. Thumbs Up!

Each video is beautiful in its own way and has a love story to tell. We love how brands have grown from direct sale-sy type ads to subtle story telling. Watch these masterpieces on online ad analysis platform and express your views on each ad using simple emoticons.

You Are The Ads You Watch

mad on ads

Gone holiday season all of us purchased gifts for our near and dear ones. We will all agree that a considerable level of decision making occurs while we’re watching ads on TV. Out of hundreds of advertisements that we watch every day, only a few manage to grab our eyeballs and develop that human connect immediately. Emotions are central to advertising. Except the way we measure the credibility/emotional connect of an advertisement.

According to Nielsen, the advertising industry has a long history of measurement solutions based on recall, recognition, intent, consideration, etc. because those metrics are relatively easy to capture and interpret. Those are important measures in their own right, but they’re poor surrogates for measuring the emotional connection that an ad is capable of developing with its viewers.

So what do we do to measure the emotional impact that the ad has on an individual? What sort of emotions does it evoke in consumers? Which second or frame of the ad worked well? Is it tasteful? Will it hurt somebody’s feelings? Will it help my brand seep into people’s hearts?

One answer to all the above questions – MadOnAds . It’s an ad review platform, to help brands take a leap from the existing set of feedback system from their consumers and seek an apt analysis, i.e. a frame by frame analysis of the ad. As a matter of fact, focus groups for sentiment analysis may be a genius idea but what do we do once an ad is launched? We gather sentiment analysis of regular people, the ‘Aam Janta’ using MadOnAds. A platform that has the potential to change the way consumers respond to ads, a single conscious click decides the fate of brands and their advertising strategies. At the comfort of sitting at your home and sipping coffee, the consumers can review an ad thoroughly; scrutinize each frame, appreciate/back-lash using one from a set of different emoticons. Not just the consumers, but brands can leverage from MadOnAds and understand the core sentiments of its audience through exhaustive sentiment analysis reports generated by yours truly.

MadOnAds proves that it’s important for every brand, new or old, big or small to develop an honest, emotional connect with people and measure the sentimental value of their relationship. This relationship is majorly based on the quality of product supplied and creative ideas used to market it. ‘Evaluating is a subset of planning’ and MadOnAds simply bridges the two through complete sentiment analysis of what worked and what didn’t in the ads. This eventually helps in better understanding of the audiences’ taste and smart editing of the ads if need be.

The frame by frame technology of the platform coupled with traditional feedback system can provide a much higher value to brands in terms of evaluating the performance of the advertisement.

Oh! By the way, you can get a free trial of MadOnAds before you plan to purchase it. 🙂

Snapdeal selling ‘Dil Ki Deal’ in true sense!

Advertising industry has changed over the years. As the marketing trends are changing, moving from product-based marketing towards storytelling, here’s one more addition to the list. This video by Snapdeal True Serve came out as a perfect example of the storytelling advertising.

The video features a blind woman, Madhu Bala Sharma, who wished to buy a gift for her brother and called up Snapdeal. She shares her experience of how customer-care executive at the e-commerce giant helped her out. While we all assume it to be just an advertising gimmick, the video mentions that it is a true story. This will definitely move your heart as you watch this.

While brands have been bringing out 3-4 minute long video ad campaign to share their story, Snapdeal chose to make it a 58-second video. Of course, it has been a wise decision to ensure that their content reaches maximum people on web. As we approach the TVC #FrameByFrame, we realise how the brand has ensured to make the video crisp and clear.

While it can be seen as bragging about their services up-front, the voice of the lady has presented it as an experience lived and not just a customer review. It is due to her earnest expressions on every frame that have portrayed her as an empowered customer.

As she shares about the colours, patterns being described to her over phone, she projects it with a true service attitude, which is rarely found in today’s time.

This video testimonial showcases Snapdeal’s commitment towards every customer to provide them a delightful experience.If you haven’t seen the video advertisement yet, watch it now and express your emotions here #FrameByFrame. Ensure you click on the smileys, depending on how you felt at the moment as you watch the ad on MadOnAds.

Most Irritating Ads of 2015

It’s been long we’ve been cribbing about annoying advertisements on television. We empower you to finally express your thoughts as bluntly as you want. We understand how some of the ads make you use the F-word. We know how some of the ads have been irritating you all your life. Well, we have listed down some of most annoying ads of 2015, blurt out all your hatred against these ads with related emoticons.

  1. Airtel Night Cashback TVC

We wonder what has happened to Airtel TVCs these days. After introducing Neha Chettri to their 4G ads they’ve just degraded their standards. It became intolerant after we got to watch the Night Cashback Scheme advertisement. We know the scheme in itself is foolish move, but the TVC has gone a step ahead. The so-called ‘Airtel girl’ is seen waking up girls in a hostel room asking them to get up and use internet to get the cashback. While Airtel made a move to promote the same TVC on Twitter, customers also took it to the platform to express their hatred towards the scheme and the ad both. Watch and express yours too.

  1. Idea Internet Network (IIN)

The series of IIN advertisements put up by the Idea cellular network irritated one and all. Starting with the Drone TVC, it showed up various situations where IIN has helped people prosper in their careers. Time and again these ads challenged the existence of schools, teachers and universities. Hence this ad tops our chart of most annoying advertisements of 2015. We would love to know your thoughts too, express them with emoticons on the ad here.

  1. Alpenliebe: Dadaji’s Nagin Dance

Have you seen the advertisement? No one from where does Alpenliebe, the product and Dadaji performing Nagin dance is related one another. But, the TVC exists, as it surely has the recall value which has got us all to remember it. If India can tolerate this TVC on television then how can anybody argue saying we’re intolerant. Express your views about the advertisement here.

  1. Amazon Kya Pehnu

Recently released, this TVC by Amazon has reached a height of intolerance. People from all walks of life, just moving around and asking ‘Kya Pehnu’ to suggest that find your choice on Amazon. How irritating is that? Tell us with emoticons on the TVC.

  1. Skoda Rapid Buy Now Pay in 2017

You can buy a Skoda Rapid like you buy fruits! This is what this advertisement had tried to convey. Isn’t it foolish? Thus, it stands a chance to win a place in the most irritating ads of 2015. We know you couldn’t agree less on this with us. Hence, you may also go and click on F**k You while watching this TVC here.

You have more suggestions of irritating ads of 2015? Write to us in the comments below and we may get reviews of people on the platform and include them too.

An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

To begin with, allow us to thank you first, Mark!

Before we tell you why we are saying that, let us throw some light on a basic principle of human existence. We human beings think of ourselves as a much evolved race and enjoy a lot of self-appreciation for whatever we think and do in life.

But, we are also very insecure and constantly need an assurance from the world saying “what you are doing is just right”. It just somehow makes us feel more socially accepted.

So, we thank you, Mark… for telling us that we are actually headed on a path full of bright opportunities. You ask how? Well, you are one of the brightest minds that ever walked this earth, and you know how to yield the most out of it. If you do something, the online world takes it to be the talisman.

So, when you decided to introduce the Facebook Reactions, for giving a platform to Facebook users for expressing themselves, we experienced some serious déjà vu. Well, at the risk of sounding audacious, let us tell you, Mark, you have arrived a little late.

What you have just decided to do with your $41.3 billion platform is what we have ALREADY been doing for the last 2 years at Mad On Ads. And, yet again at the risk of sounding audacious, we are a step ahead and doing it better! You may think we are just another troll showing something you have already seen, give us a minute and you will know how we are better. We are doing it with Videos. Yes.

When we say videos, we’re talking about each single frame of a video. Our users get to express their liking or dislike for every frame. If you can spare merely 5 minutes from your schedule and check out madonads.com, you will discover the uniqueness and the massiveness of its potential.

However, as we have gracefully complimented, we think you are one of the brightest minds here. And, it would be an honour for us to associate with you! With the Auto-play feature you have just introduced for videos, you could use our concept of emoting (with due credits, of course)… and the digital world could witness a new viral phenomenon!

We are counting on you and awaiting what you decide. Needless to say, you may always come up with some suggestions and changes that could make our platform more mixable with your portal. There’s always scope for better, we’d say. 🙂

We have extended our hand, waiting for you to shake.

Congratulations to the new Papa!

Kapil Gupta