When Smartphones Declare War!

Cricket season in India has become synonymous to a gala marketing festival. Brands across the industries release their finest products and advertisements during this time. T20 World Cup and the Indian Premier League (IPL) are the most Favourite  slots for brands that wish to grab maximum eyeballs.

This time around, the global smartphone brands have been actively advertising and leveraging the on going cricket fever in the country. With OPPO being the key player during ICC T20 World Cup and Vivo now picking up their game with IPL, Micromax and Gionee haven’t been passive listeners either.

Here’s a quick review of the ‘much talked about’ adsin the recent past.

Vivo #FasterThanFaster
The lethal combination of the faster than faster VIVO V3 & V3Max and Ranveer Singh ringed more than just a bell and worked wonderfully in establishing the brand connect. The #FasterThanFaster TVC stayed true to its real essence and narrated a story in under 20 shots. Special mentions for the editing team!
OPPO Selfie Expert
The brand didn’t shy away from spending a bomb on scoring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor for the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert TVC. The T20 matches were raided with the ’Bright & Beautiful’ jingle which received mixed views from the viewers. Tacktastic camera work, unnecessary lights and forced smiles by Sonam Kapoor were a huge turn off!



Gionee #MakeSmiles
The sponsors of Kolkata Knight Riders, Gionee India wanted to rebrand themselves as well as the Captain, Gautam Gambhir. The ad is too short and barely talks about the product features. Maybe it’s just us, but this one looked more like an HP or Vistaprint TVC.
Micromax Canvas 6
Micromax may have been the ‘good guy in the club’ till now but this ad film has definitely created ripples in the ad world. Bold as F*** and clearly targeted towards the biggies, this TVC surpasses all levels of being nasty. But we, for once love the swag and attitude that the man carries. Tight shots, on-point expressions and a road roller crushing thousands of smartphones is all that you need to become the talk of the town.
LYF Mobile Phones
The new kid on the block is star studded and hilarious at some levels. They roped in Kangana Ranaut and bankable cricketers, M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli to shake a leg but it did not do much justice to the screenplay.
Right blend of star power, production and conceptualization is what creative ads should be made of. Looks like Vivo India is leading this space

Powered By: Woman from Advertising

We saw some of the best women empowerment ad films this Women’s Day along with a few that failed to make an impact. Women’s Day 2016 was dominated by TVCs that focused on breaking the stereotypes associated with women. However, we believe none of the ads were as compared to the ones we hand-picked from the past. Check out the collective sentiment analysis of each ad.


In a social experiment video, Amazon India intended to break the ties between women and shopping by proving their honest intentions behind the practise. The video featuring 3 women with Rs 5000 vouchers got 69% of viewers to ‘Like’ it. Amazon put up a great show!

Amazon India ad analysis


BIBA India’s #ChangeIsBeautiful has been one of the most viewed and re-viewed ad films in the recent past. Considering the sensitive issue of arranged marriages in India, this ad managed to get 36% viewers t o ‘Blow Kisses’ & 25% of them to ‘Like’ it. We’re sure the 5% ‘Fuck You’ were shared for the MIL for her nagging behaviour. None the less, BIBA did a fairly good job with this one.

BIBA ad analysis


#ShareTheLoad has got fans in Sheryl Sandcooper, COO Facebook and so many A Lister celebrities. For obvious reasons, this one had to be a part of the curated list at MadOnAds. With a total of 83% positive reviews i.e. 27% Blowing Kisses, 17% Salute and 39% Likes; #ShareTheLoad genuinely impresses us with the effort. Out of all the ads, only Ariel managed to get maximum views, which in itself is pretty big win!

graph 3


A video as great as Vatika’s Brave & Beautiful deserved all the love and appreciation. Must we say, a very decent of 80% viewers loved the ad film. But we cannot move past the 20% ‘Sleepy’ sentiments. We assume, this is because the video stretched a bit too long.

Vatika ad analysis


It came, it ignited a fire and it got Viral! For Anouk by Myntra, this campaign featuring 3 bold videos sure worked. In particular, ‘The Visit’ was critically acclaimed for addressing the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ issue and now you know why. We have the winner of the show, Myntra! Very closely beating Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad’s  83% positive sentiment with it’s 84%.

Myntra ad analysis

Our Take: While each ad stood out in it’s own genre of advertising, BIBA’s Change is Beautiful stood as our favourite. Each frame captivated us and we could feel the emotional rush throughout. The conceptualisation, casting and lighting deserve special mention.

Loved the analysis? Want to know how your favourite ads performed? Ping us here or here. We’re all ears!

VIRAL NOW: Share The Load

Let us just accept that we live in a male dominated society where women are gradually trying to mark a place for themselves. In a country like India, it’s important to talk about ‘Gender Inequality’. When a household name like Ariel talks about it, we’re all ears!

BBDO India & Ariel India launched #ShareTheLoad video that went ‘Viral’ in no time. The video film doesn’t boast of a handsome budget, neither does it have A list celebrities posing around. Just a simple message, well conceptualised production and excellent social treatment – All that worked for the brand!

The video opens to a scene where a grandfather is seen playing with his little grandson when his daughter enters. The woman barely makes a conversation before she leaves to attend a call. At 15 seconds, we hear a voice over from the father. He is extremely proud to see his daughter grown up into a beautiful home maker and a skilled professional. At 28 seconds, the story twists!

‘I am so proud..and I am so sorry’, says the father. The powerful monologue continues while the daughter is extremely busy taking care of the regular household chores. At 47 seconds, we see the husband chilling on his laptop and watching TV; not so impressible!

This hurts the father, he begins apologizing on behalf of all the dads in the world for setting a wrong example in front of their little children. Our heart aches when the father travels back in time and remembers when the kids played ‘Home-makers’. The girls always cooked food while the boys watched TV or fooled around.

At 1:25 Seconds, the daughter reads her father’s apologetic letter where he cuts a sorry figure for not sharing the load with his wife. He may not be a master at cooking but he can at least help her with washing The real magic unfolds at 1:45 sec when the father says ‘Ab kuch sahi kar jau…’

A beautiful pro women advertisement packed with extra ordinary screenplay and dialogues; it stands as a clear winner! Do you watch and emote out your views on #ShareTheLoad frame by frame.

Yes! Everyone’s on Flipkart!

From street shopping and wandering in malls, you, me and everyone else is shopping online.  Flipkart has tapped on to the right audience with the right message. It says, everyone you trust is on Flipkart, why aren’t you?


The campaign #EveryoneOnFlipkart includes a series of 4 videos featuring men and women from different walks of life. The ads, without sounding too on-the-face are loaded with brilliant content and backed with ridiculously good filming. From Rastogi Ji to Watchman Anna, Bengali Maushiji to Constable Sahib everyone’s on Flipkart irrespective of their class, status, taste and financial background. The communication is bang on and the execution just adds to it.

Shot in mere two days, these videos are definitely going down in the history of best ads. Congratulations! Flipkart has done it once again with #EveryoneOnFlipkart Campaign conceptualised by Dentsu WebChutney.

Let us quickly take you through the ads. Don’t forget to review each one of them frame by frame.

The video opens with a gang of boys teasing Pandey for shopping online for his girlfriend and not from their trusted gift shop by Rastogi Ji. The surprised reaction on their faces at 0:19 is emoticon worthy! Within a minute’s time we see Rastogi Ji with a guy from Flipkart.

Typical Mumbai Constable and Mangesh, the tea stall owner are seen in the first shot. Non-stop commentary by Mangesh is hilarious but Constable Sahib is our Hero. He leaves us in utter amazement when he adorns the sunglasses delivered to him by Flipkart. Bang on communication is the winner here.

After Constable Sahib, Watchman Anna is seen beating away his blues with a little help from Flipkart. Showcasing the life of every office watchman and their tryst with online shopping, the film ends with a light hearted moment for everyone in the office. We rolled out laughing at 1:18 when Anna Ji calls Shaam sir to pick his Polka Dot Lungi.

The know-it-all Bengali Mausi Ji is seen picking up on everyone when she enters the house. She nearly saves herself from being trolled by little nieces, all thanks to Flipkart. Crisp dialogues and perfect filming add to the glory of this wonderful campaign.

Watch and review these #EveryoneOnFlipkart videos one frame at a time. One simple emoticon on each frame, that is all you need to do.

Coca Cola India Does It Once Again!


Coca Cola has been on top of its digital media game ever since it set foot on the lands of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. If one brand knows how to do digital right, it’s got to Coca Cola India. After the groundbreaking global ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, Coca Cola rolled out its latest Desi Campaign called #CokeNawaazi.

CokeNawaazi Campaign

#CokeNawaazi as the name suggests is Coca Cola India’s take on #MehmaanNawaazi. The brand launched a Facebook-Only campaign where it instilled the idea of substituting Coca Cola for Chai/coffee.mooh dikhai (1)
A series of short #CokeNawaazi videos were released on facebook which had the essence of Punjab, Mumbai, Birthday, Kitty parties, Mooh Dikhai and a few more. The campaign focuses on the ‘desi’ element which connects it with Indian audience. The videos focus on how Coca Cola is a part of every ritual, occasion and season. Considering the length of the videos, it was easy to take the limelight away from the product but the film makers did a commendable job and made sure that the product stands as the hero.

These on-point ads/videos target the right audience with the right message. McCann did a fabulous job with this one *Blowing kisses*
Share your thoughts with us on each one of these #CokeNawaazi videos one frame at a time, one smiley at a time 🙂 Say Yay to #FrameByFrame !