Decoding Advertisements Frame by Frame

Did you see the Snickers TVC – ‘Kyunki Hunger Acche Acchon Ko Badal Deta Hai’ starring Sonam Kapoor? Were you able to figure out what the advertisement is all about until its 16th second when the actual product appears on the frame?

Well, let’s decode the ad frame by frame!

Here’s the opening frame of the TVC that shows a group of friends travelling in a jeep. The next shot shows them in a troubled mood due to the problem in their jeep. This frame evoked the ‘Sleeping’ emoticon, because c’mon, nobody likes to do the dirty job! Especially, when it involves pushing a non-functioning car!

1st frame Snickers 2nd frame Snickers

The ad then takes us by surprise as the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor appears in a shimmery party dress, evoking a whole lot of ‘Likes’. Complaining about the difficult task of pushing the “Bailgadi” as she calls it, her “heroine” tantrums does call for “Likes” and “Blowing Kisses” smiley.

3rd frame Snickers 10th

The guy then prays to his Darling (the jeep, in this case) and debates with Sonam Kapoor in an unusual manner. What evoked ‘Surprises’ is when the other friend refers to her as Rocky!

snickers collage 5

Finally, the product is displayed on the frame and we get the message loud and clear: Grab a Snickers because ‘Hunger Achhe achhon ko badal deta hai’!

6th frame

So, when hungry, simply grab a Snickers! Lastly, we loved the ending frame where Sonam Kapoor transforms to the original character.

snikcers collage 2

Snickers brought in their global award winning concept ‘You’re not you, when you’re hungry’. They ensured that they promote it in a fun and quirky manner in the Indian market too. The storyline is indeed superb and deserves appreciation. If you agree with us, click on the link below and express your emotions for the advert frame by frame.

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