An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

To begin with, allow us to thank you first, Mark!

Before we tell you why we are saying that, let us throw some light on a basic principle of human existence. We human beings think of ourselves as a much evolved race and enjoy a lot of self-appreciation for whatever we think and do in life.

But, we are also very insecure and constantly need an assurance from the world saying “what you are doing is just right”. It just somehow makes us feel more socially accepted.

So, we thank you, Mark… for telling us that we are actually headed on a path full of bright opportunities. You ask how? Well, you are one of the brightest minds that ever walked this earth, and you know how to yield the most out of it. If you do something, the online world takes it to be the talisman.

So, when you decided to introduce the Facebook Reactions, for giving a platform to Facebook users for expressing themselves, we experienced some serious déjà vu. Well, at the risk of sounding audacious, let us tell you, Mark, you have arrived a little late.

What you have just decided to do with your $41.3 billion platform is what we have ALREADY been doing for the last 2 years at Mad On Ads. And, yet again at the risk of sounding audacious, we are a step ahead and doing it better! You may think we are just another troll showing something you have already seen, give us a minute and you will know how we are better. We are doing it with Videos. Yes.

When we say videos, we’re talking about each single frame of a video. Our users get to express their liking or dislike for every frame. If you can spare merely 5 minutes from your schedule and check out, you will discover the uniqueness and the massiveness of its potential.

However, as we have gracefully complimented, we think you are one of the brightest minds here. And, it would be an honour for us to associate with you! With the Auto-play feature you have just introduced for videos, you could use our concept of emoting (with due credits, of course)… and the digital world could witness a new viral phenomenon!

We are counting on you and awaiting what you decide. Needless to say, you may always come up with some suggestions and changes that could make our platform more mixable with your portal. There’s always scope for better, we’d say. 🙂

We have extended our hand, waiting for you to shake.

Congratulations to the new Papa!

Kapil Gupta


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