When Smartphones Declare War!

Cricket season in India has become synonymous to a gala marketing festival. Brands across the industries release their finest products and advertisements during this time. T20 World Cup and the Indian Premier League (IPL) are the most Favourite  slots for brands that wish to grab maximum eyeballs.

This time around, the global smartphone brands have been actively advertising and leveraging the on going cricket fever in the country. With OPPO being the key player during ICC T20 World Cup and Vivo now picking up their game with IPL, Micromax and Gionee haven’t been passive listeners either.

Here’s a quick review of the ‘much talked about’ adsin the recent past.

Vivo #FasterThanFaster
The lethal combination of the faster than faster VIVO V3 & V3Max and Ranveer Singh ringed more than just a bell and worked wonderfully in establishing the brand connect. The #FasterThanFaster TVC stayed true to its real essence and narrated a story in under 20 shots. Special mentions for the editing team!
OPPO Selfie Expert
The brand didn’t shy away from spending a bomb on scoring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor for the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert TVC. The T20 matches were raided with the ’Bright & Beautiful’ jingle which received mixed views from the viewers. Tacktastic camera work, unnecessary lights and forced smiles by Sonam Kapoor were a huge turn off!



Gionee #MakeSmiles
The sponsors of Kolkata Knight Riders, Gionee India wanted to rebrand themselves as well as the Captain, Gautam Gambhir. The ad is too short and barely talks about the product features. Maybe it’s just us, but this one looked more like an HP or Vistaprint TVC.
Micromax Canvas 6
Micromax may have been the ‘good guy in the club’ till now but this ad film has definitely created ripples in the ad world. Bold as F*** and clearly targeted towards the biggies, this TVC surpasses all levels of being nasty. But we, for once love the swag and attitude that the man carries. Tight shots, on-point expressions and a road roller crushing thousands of smartphones is all that you need to become the talk of the town.
LYF Mobile Phones
The new kid on the block is star studded and hilarious at some levels. They roped in Kangana Ranaut and bankable cricketers, M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli to shake a leg but it did not do much justice to the screenplay.
Right blend of star power, production and conceptualization is what creative ads should be made of. Looks like Vivo India is leading this space

Ranveer Singh: The True Ad-Mad Boy!

Irresistible charm, feisty energy, crazy moves, and infectious smile, Ranveer Singh is a dream come true for every advertiser!

From being the ‘Raja Babu’ to making us sway to the tunes of ‘Do The Rex’, this guy is (ad)mad to the core! Here is a look at some of his quirkiest endorsements.

Set Wet’s #SadaSexyRaho campaign would not have been this lively and effortlessly natural without Ranveer. Promising to stay sexy, the brand’s advertisement for Women’s Day came across as a breath of fresh air amidst the same old stereotypical ads that we usually see. Singh is able to successfully reach out to the target audience and establish that connect with them. The campaign jingle and the overall set-up delivers the point in a delightful manner. The brand has also revamped the packaging of Set Wet deo; the new bottles have the words ‘Swag Avatar’ or ‘Mischief Avatar’ or ‘Cool Avatar’ or ‘Charm Avatar’ printed on them. And ain’t nobody like Ranveer to represent all these moods to perfection!


A Bollywood jodi that we had been waiting to see in films came alive with Make My Trip’s latest #BeFikarBookKar campaign. A set of two videos featuring Ranveer and Alia in poles apart characters adds another level of visual appeal to the ads. Conceptualised to cater to the millennials, Ranveer Singh surely makes us want to download the App.


Even an age old brand such as Colgate couldn’t resist Singh’s charms and roped-in the actor as their ‘Dhamakedaar Taazgi Ki Leher’. In their latest TVC, Ranveer is seen shaking a leg to the tunes of the ‘Taazgi Anthem’ which gives us major street dance feels.  From the irritating ‘Kya Aapke Toothpaste Me Namak Hai?’ series to this high on energy ad with Singh, Colgate has created a recall value that will stay with the audience longer than you think. rs1

Singh as Raja Baba, exemplified the proposition of comfort by flaunting the innerwear in effortless moves for Rupa Frontline. The peppy music, the relaxed beach setting and Singh in his irreverent avatar, worked brilliantly for the brand.


Durex as a brand is passionate about sexual wellbeing and understands the importance of connecting with youth. And through their partnership with Ranveer, they were definitely able to positively engage in a discussion around the subject of safe sex. Left, center, top and all places right, only Singh could make the condom brand the talk of the town!


VIVO, a premium smartphone company has recently roped in Singh as their Brand Ambassador for their #FasterThanFaster phones V3 and V3Max. Mr. Quirk Master exudes endless charm and energy in the commercial making the fast look pleasing. Needless to say, Mr. Singh blends in effortlessly in the letting the fast phone be the hero of the moment.


The advertisers are in love with Ranveer and so are we! All his recent endorsements have worked extremely well for the brand. King Midas might have the ability to turn everything he touched into gold, but Singh has this uncanny ability to turn everything swag-er, cool-er and sexy-er.

#KhulkeKheloHoli: An Analysis

Every Holi season brands take a dip into the sea of colours and share incredible work celebrating the festival. This time, the advertisement that won our hearts was Parachute’s #KhulkeKheloHoli.

#KhuleKheloHoli directed by Anirudha Sen of McCann Erickson, takes a break from the usual Holi rants that we see each year. It beautifully captures the pool of emotions that Sudhir Pandey and Neena Kulkarni go through in an old age home. A stark contrast drawn so beautifully, we can’t help but applaud the makers!

Taking a look at the overall sentiment of the advertisement, a staggering 70% positive review has definitely put it in the winning position. Here is a look at some of the best and worst frames of the ad.

Nothing much happens in the first 23 seconds. At 24th second, Sudhir Pandey is seen dressing for Holi. The talented actor’s childlike smile got our viewers emoting out.


As he is prepping up, Neena silently watches him running errands. Until the 35th second, there is no spotting of the product which is absolutely uncommon in the Indian advertising industry.  The product is so subtly placed that you barely realise it’s an ad and not a movie.

At the 50th second, he picks gulaal to commence the celebrations and that is what got our viewers to share Likes and Blowing Kisses.


All the while, viewers had been pretty involved with Sudhir’s story, but Neena’s prompt gesture definitely took the viewers by surprise and they couldn’t help but share ‘Surprises’, ‘Salutes’ and ‘Blowing Kisses’. This marked the beginning of a Holi like never before and the viewers joined in by emoting out.


At 96 seconds, when the young lad settled Pandey down not realising his expectations; got a small section of our viewers to click on the emoticon, ‘Fuck You’.

The winning moment though was at 155 seconds when the old man in his wheel chair embraced the colour blast and welcomed the festivities with open arms.


Shubha Mudgal’s classic background score captures the joys of Holi and brings about generous emotional stimulation. Parachute’s #KhulkeKheloHoli video that got the world talking has pretty much impressed the ad maniacs.

Let us know what frame you liked the best!

Powered By: Woman from Advertising

We saw some of the best women empowerment ad films this Women’s Day along with a few that failed to make an impact. Women’s Day 2016 was dominated by TVCs that focused on breaking the stereotypes associated with women. However, we believe none of the ads were as compared to the ones we hand-picked from the past. Check out the collective sentiment analysis of each ad.


In a social experiment video, Amazon India intended to break the ties between women and shopping by proving their honest intentions behind the practise. The video featuring 3 women with Rs 5000 vouchers got 69% of viewers to ‘Like’ it. Amazon put up a great show!

Amazon India ad analysis


BIBA India’s #ChangeIsBeautiful has been one of the most viewed and re-viewed ad films in the recent past. Considering the sensitive issue of arranged marriages in India, this ad managed to get 36% viewers t o ‘Blow Kisses’ & 25% of them to ‘Like’ it. We’re sure the 5% ‘Fuck You’ were shared for the MIL for her nagging behaviour. None the less, BIBA did a fairly good job with this one.

BIBA ad analysis


#ShareTheLoad has got fans in Sheryl Sandcooper, COO Facebook and so many A Lister celebrities. For obvious reasons, this one had to be a part of the curated list at MadOnAds. With a total of 83% positive reviews i.e. 27% Blowing Kisses, 17% Salute and 39% Likes; #ShareTheLoad genuinely impresses us with the effort. Out of all the ads, only Ariel managed to get maximum views, which in itself is pretty big win!

graph 3


A video as great as Vatika’s Brave & Beautiful deserved all the love and appreciation. Must we say, a very decent of 80% viewers loved the ad film. But we cannot move past the 20% ‘Sleepy’ sentiments. We assume, this is because the video stretched a bit too long.

Vatika ad analysis


It came, it ignited a fire and it got Viral! For Anouk by Myntra, this campaign featuring 3 bold videos sure worked. In particular, ‘The Visit’ was critically acclaimed for addressing the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ issue and now you know why. We have the winner of the show, Myntra! Very closely beating Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad’s  83% positive sentiment with it’s 84%.

Myntra ad analysis

Our Take: While each ad stood out in it’s own genre of advertising, BIBA’s Change is Beautiful stood as our favourite. Each frame captivated us and we could feel the emotional rush throughout. The conceptualisation, casting and lighting deserve special mention.

Loved the analysis? Want to know how your favourite ads performed? Ping us here or here. We’re all ears!

The New Heroes of Advertising Industry

While women empowerment has been a hot piece of cake for brands since time immemorial, we’ve now learnt to put women in the right light. From portraying them as sex pots, men magnets, home makers to now as independent individuals. Brands like BIBA India, Ariel, Anouk by Myntra, Amazon and Vatika have stepped up for women rights with excellent brand campaigns that stole headlines for days. Here is a look at some of them.

BIBA India

Bringing out the bogus of the arranged marriage setup, BIBA India pushed a beautiful change. Regina Cassandra plays the to-be-bride who refuses to give up to the stale alliance of arranged marriages and stay mum throughout her life. Each frame, dialogue and expression is worth a million bucks. Definitely a must watch!


Ariel India

In Vol. 2 of #ShareTheLoad campaign, Ariel India debates whether ‘laundry is just a woman’s job!’ The father apologizes on behalf of all the men and promises to share the load with his partner. The daughter on the other hand quietly fulfils her duties as a home maker and a professional. Another GlassLion waits for BBDO India!



Amazon busted the myth that men have carried all their lives. Women are criticised for being shopaholics but the intention behind frequent shopping trips are often ignored. In a social experiment video, Amazon touched the hearts of many. The digital ad concludes: Men think women don’t love to shop; truth is they shop to show love!



Vatika salutes female cancer survivors with this inspirational story of a bald woman. The bravery lied in showing a bald woman in a brand’s ad that promotes long and luscious locks. ‘Brave & Beautiful’ aptly shows how brands no longer shy away from taking risks when it comes to advertising.



‘Bold Is Beautiful’ is genuinely the boldest advertisement in the history of Indian advertising. In a country where bisexuality is ridiculed leave alone same sex marriage, this ad by Anouk comes across as a welcome change. The ad breaks the stereotypes that surround lesbian couples in our country and preaches that one shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexual preferences. This may have just triggered a new era in the industry!


As the world celebrates the existence of women on International Women’s Day, we cheer for their heroic presence in the advertising industry.

Happy International Women’s Day, Beautiful!